Vision & Mission

1.1      VISION:

Towards the formation of a technologically advanced and modern model of a Christian School that proclaims the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, reaching out to all people with the spirit of Christian Education that will mold them like Jesus’ personal character.

The formation of a solid Christian faith that confesses the Trinity of God, that is, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, with a Faculty, staff and the students who are adept and skillful in science and other philosophies to become useful and responsive to the academic and moral-spiritual development in our society of the 21st century.


To train students to be skillful ministers and effective teachers of the word of God towards the formation of committed and faithful ministers to fulfill the great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ. In a steadfast pursuit of life according to the way, the truth and the life, Presbyterian Theological College & University system shall persistently work towards quality, relevant and responsive higher education to make students productive citizens, high levels professionals, and effective change agents, in a dynamic self-sustaining, and high-tech environment.

1.3      OBJECTIVES:

  • As for in the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines the basic objectives of the Presbyterian Theological College & University: All schools aim to develop character personal discipline, civic consciousness and vocational efficiency and to teach the duties of citizenships.
  • This broad constitutional mandate is implemented in the Presbyterian Theological College & University by the following purposes and goals:
  • As a Christian College, its chief objective is to lead all its students to a deeper devotion to God.
  • The College will offer a quality Christian instruction emphasizing integrity, loyalty and service in all aspects of its program.
  • The College will seek to expose the student to the most significant experiences and thinking of the human race, so that he/she may be in a position to discriminate among values and discover God’s will for his/her own life.
  • The College will train the student in critical and constructive thinking.
  • The College will help the student to understand himself/herself and inspire him/her to develop his/her own particular talents and abilities.
  • The College will provide an atmosphere in which students can study,   work and play and live together in mutual respect and recognition of their personal worth and value as Christians.
  • The College will prepare the students for construction citizenship and serve his community and to society in general.
  • The College will seek to enable the students through the course he is taking to grow in appreciation for the beautiful, including his/her own art and literature.
  • The College will seek to serve the community and to provide Christian Educational Services in areas of special need.
  • In particular, the Presbyterian Theological College & University aims to train and produce students according to its curriculum for a Bachelor of Arts in Theology degree, upon which the student becomes a Minister and or a Teacher.
  • In general terms, Presbyterian Theological College & University will work to meet these goals by the following means:
  • In the curriculum and co-curricular activities proper emphasis will be placed in religious activities for all students. Teachers will be encouraged to show through their own lives the importance of the religious aspect of life.
  • The administration will seek to develop the best possible teaching Faculty and Administrative staff. In the hiring of new teachers, careful attention will be given to their academic and personal qualifications. Teachers and staff members will be sought out who have sincere desire to work, dedicated to task of teaching the students based on the true Christian concept. Faculty members will be encouraged to continue their studies and to acquire at least M.A. degree. The college will seek to provide as much in a way of Instructional Materials as its finances will permit. It will provide and adequate number of library books for all students in all classes. In school and student records will not be altered in anyway in order to appease any person.
  • Methods of classroom teaching will emphasize critical and constructive thinking rather than more rote learning. The students will be required to use the resource of the library in order to be in better position to formulate their own thoughts and to make their own decisions.
  • Special emphasis will be given to the development of a Pastoral Training through church planting activities and evangelism in general promoting harmonious relationship with the community. Presbyterian Theological College & University expects all employees in particular its Faculty, to be committed to its mission and therefore, should strive to help the College Administration attain its institutional goals.