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6200 Cantil-e, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, Philippines

Tel. Nos. (035) 421-2754 ; (035) 421-2030

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Academic Rules & Regulations

Subject Load

  The regular load of subjects/ units for every student will be determined by the Registrar and be confirmed by the College Dean. Changing or dropping of subjects will only be allowed within the first two weeks of classes, which must be done with the permission of the Registrar. Students who drop the subjects more than two weeks after the closing of registration, will receive a failing grade for the subject.


  Attendance is of vital importance since learning and personal development depend largely on regular attendance. Therefore, regular and punctual attendance at all classes is required for all students. A student who leaves the class after the roll call and does not come back, or comes back only at the end of the period is considered absent from that class.


  A student who has five (5) or more un-excused absences will automatically be dropped from the respective subject. A student should not have more than a total of ten (10) excused and un-excused absences per semester. Absences of more than 20% of the prescribed number of classes or laboratory periods or ten (10) absences will mean failure of that subject. If a student is absent for a valid reason, he/she should present an excuse lettter to the Dean. Students are urged to reserved absences for such emergencies as illness, accidents, death in the family and the like reasonable circumstances.

  Getting out of the campus during class hours is totally discouraged, except for a very valid reason approved by the Dean or his/her authorized representative.

Incomplete Works (INC’s)

  All incomplete grades must be completed withine one year after the official enrollment in the subject. Otherwise, the said incomplete grade automatically becomes an “F” (Failure). An “NG” indicates that there is “No Grade” earned in the subject, hence no credit is awarded.

Student’s Cut-off Grades

  All students must meet the academic standards set by the College in its program for quality Christian education. They are expected to attain at least of the following quality point averages (QPA) corresponding to their classification in college:

          Freshmen and Sophomore ———- C

          Junior and Senior ———————– B

Worship Guidance / Requirements

  Presbyterian Theological College is strictly requiring the bonafide students to follow their worship guidance schedule.


1. DIVINE WORSHIP: 9:00 – 10:00 A.M. Sunday, PTC Chapel
PTC students are required to attend the Divine Worship at the PTC chapel every Sunday. However, for those who will be going home during that time, they are required to attend their home church’s worship, which should be confirmed by the resident pastor.

2. PRAISING WORSHIP SUNDAY: 5:00 – 6:00 P.M. (Chapel hour)
All PTC students are required to join and attend this college activity, wherein, our out reach ministry speakers will be having their report for the victories that they have in their ministerial field. Psalm 150:6 Let all have breath will praise the Lord.

3. MID-WEEK SERVICEWednesday night 7:30-8:30 P.M. PTC Chapel.
There will be a Mid-Week service at the PTC Chapel every Wednesday upon which all students are required to attend.

4. EARLY PRAYER MEETINGEvery morning 5:00 – 5:30 A.M. – PTC Chapel
A good Christian is trained to acknowledge God with thanks and praises early in the morning. This is the first activity of the day which is a requisite for all PTC students.

5. BIBLE STUDY: Tuesday and Friday, 7:30 – 8:30 PTC Chapel
This is a time for the students to express their understanding about the Bible in a smooth interpersonal way of sharing. All students are required to attend in this activity.

6. SPECIAL PRAYER MEETING: Thursday, 7:30 – 9:00 P.M. PTC Chapel
This activity is intended for the students to develop a strong communion with God through prayer. This is also a requirement for all PTC students to attend.

7. COLLEGE WORSHIP: Tuesday 11:00 – 12:00 A.M. – PTC Chapel
All students, Faculty and staff are required to attend this important worship service to be one in the spirit of the Lord, to do, in doing everything for His glory.

    All PTC students are requried to follow this worship guide. Attendance is duly checked by an authorized person upon which the marks will reflect to the student’s field education subject.
Outreach workers are exempted if their working assignment falls on the same date with any worship schedule.

Internship Program

  The Internship Program is part of the Field Education Subject in the Curriculum, wherein every student is required to administer the local church service during their period of study in PTC in order to become an effective instrument for the ministry.

  This requirement should be strictly followed stating from the second year level upon which the students are already assigned in certain places where there is a Presbyterian Church. During the Junior Level, the students shall already be an assistant Pastor/Pastora to be assigned in certain Churches with a full-thrust in Pastoral Caring. A Senior Student shall already be assigned as a main Pastor in a certain Presbyterian Church for the general Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. This will serve as his/ her actual practicum training in order to develop more about his/her skills and potentials for the Pastoral Care Ministry.

  These requirements should be fulfilled by every students, especially the Seniors in order for them to be recommended for graduation.

Fluency in the English Language

  In the campus, offices, classrooms, church worship, preaching, delivering message and any official hours, the students are required to speak in English, which is the international language in order to have a high standard and upgraded way of communication to be a potential man, capably in the present and modern era of the global communication. This is in consonance with our motto: “Go to the world, preach the Gospel, make disciples.”

  For the progress of what is mentioned above, students who do not follow the regulation in using the English language, will be motivated, collected with a certain amount () by the classmate to be used for the improvement of the classroom such as floor wax, decorations, and others, during special occassions and Christmas season. It will be under the supervision of the class adviser.


  A student must stay in the PTC Campus and finish the whole study period of AB Theology which is 4 years, in order to be recommended for graduation. On the other hand, transferee students must have atleast two (2) years of resident study in PTC in order to be recommended for graduation.

  A graduating candidate must have a cumulative quality point average (CQPA) of at least “B” with no-grade below “C” in their Theology and major arts subjects. Students who do not have the CQPA of “B” will be required to retake subjects in which they received “P” or “C-” in order to have the required “B” CQPA and be recommended for graduation by the Graduation Committee under the guidance of the Founder President of the College.

  Fluency in the English language is also an urgent requirement to be recommended for graduation. Therefore, those who qualify as a candidate of graduation, have passed the written final examination, also will be orally tested in every Theology subjects in terms of his/her English communication potentials in Sermon delivery, Gospel preaching, and conversation skills to check the student’s readiness and capability to go to the world with an upgrade and competitiveness in the modern and high standard globalized communication. The final oral test is basically most important to be qualified as a graduating candidate, failure to pass this test, may result to postpone the student’s graduation as per decision of the graduation committee.

  In case, the graduating candidate has not maturely developed his/her Christian Ethics and Descipline and did not follow the rules and regulations of the campus, event if he/she has finished the total units of the academic requirement, still the Graduation Committee, through the Church Censures, may postpone the recommendation for his/her graduation in order for the concerned student to have self control and to have time to achieve maturation from the lack of knowledge and Christian value.